Rebecca Bond - Independent Consultant

Alabaster Scentsy Warmer


The look of chiseled alabaster — brought to life by a quiet, ethereal glow — will lend a simple sophistication to any space.

If you like to smell good, we are your guys. Our Scentsy products smell delicious. With an abundance of flavours and a huge assortment of products, we have something for all requirements. Make your home welcoming, revitalising, and a sheer joy to be in with our Scentsy diffusers and warmers, give your laundry a gorgeous smell with our liquid or washer whiffs, or make bath time fun for your little ones with our bath smoothies… the options are endless.

We think there is nothing better than walking into a home and being met with a pleasant aroma. It instantly makes you relax. And, isn’t that what we want when we get in from a hard day at work? If you take pride in your home and your belongings, you will love the product selection we have available. Scentsy products do not have the chemical smell that you get with most scented products available from supermarkets and high street stores today. They offer the most pleasant, natural and gentle aroma, which is a true delight.

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